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General conditions

Article 1 Reservation

When you make a reservation for a journey you do so on behalf of undersigning the reservation form and/or by payment of the registration fee by the passenger.

When you make a reservation and you do so on behalf of any member of your party means: you are responsible for the whole and for fulfil everyone’s obligations.

The minimum age of the participants will be 16, unless children under 16 are accompanied by a responsible adult/parent.

Article 2 Payment
A written or e-mail confirmation will be sent automatically and you will need to pay 1/2 of the sum by return. The unpaid of the cost of the booking must be paid to Kamminga Sailing at least 6 weeks before your departure date. If the balance is not paid in time, we will be entitled to cancel the booking without notice. All monies you pay to Kamminga Sailing are held on our behalf at all times.

The conditions of cancellation charge, mentioned in article 4, remain in full force. When you make your reservation in less than 6 weeks you will need to pay in full at time of booking.

Article 3 Cost of the journey
In the cost of the journey are included:
-The cost of accommodation on board De Hilde Baudine and the cost of accommodation during the trips by car/bus in Scandinavia.
-All meals on board De Hilde Baudine, including coffee and tea.
-Mentioned shuttle services to embark/disembark, by car or by bus.
-Ferry crossing(s) with the mentioned cabin accommodation on board.
-Harbour dues (groundage) and 3 motor hours at a maximum, including fuel.

Not included:
-Loss/damage to luggage; accident insurance; medical insurance.
-Your own travelling expenses. You need it for embarking and disembarking.
-Meals and consumptions not used on board De Hilde Baudine. This means that meals and consumptions used during the trips by bus need to be paid by you. During your stay it will happen at least once.
-On board our yacht De Hilde Baudine Menu (a la carte) and/or drinks/soft drinks are available for a small fee and often tax free.

Article 4 Cancellation charges
If a reservation is cancelled the next charges are due (per person):
(a) For cancellations made 12 weeks in advance of departure date: 1/2 of the fare with a minimum of €100 per person.
(b) For cancellations made 6 weeks in advance of departure date: 2/3 of the fare with a minimum of €200 per person.
(c) For cancellations made less than 6 weeks the full fare is due. 

How to cancel?
You may cancel a travel only by informing us in writing and as soon as possible.

Article 5 Insurance
We strongly recommend that you take out insurance. We cannot take any responsibility for loss/damage. We shall have no liability in respect of theft, loss or damage of cash, negotiable securities, gold, silverware, jewellery or other valuables.


Article 6 Authority
During the whole journey on board the “skipper’’ will be responsible and the decision will rest with him either. If one of the participants is guilty of misbehaviour, as such that in the opinion of the “skipper’’ the rest of the trip will be made more difficult, exclusion can happen. All resulting costs are for the participant. When appears that one of the participants gives evidence of physical or mental defects, what makes the stay for him on board impossible or dangerous, in that case exclusion will also take place. You will not be entitled for a refund of the price paid.


Article 7 The voyage takes place and/or changes
In the event of too little attendance, government restrictions or interference a voyage cannot take place or should be interrupted, we commit ourselves to immediate announcement to the participants and to immediate refund of the whole or partially paid cost of the journey. To your relief it has happened only once or twice in 25 years, in which we have been sailing with well over fife thousand guests and more than two hundred and seventy thousand sea miles.  

Changes in departure dates, point of departure, or destination, for example adverse weather conditions, need to be considered as force majeure by the participants.

We advise you urgently to call Dronrijp (+31(0)517231938) for the latest information on the previous evening, for it’s in all our interests: safety first.

If you are already in Norway, please call the Skipper directly on his Mobil phone (+31653975067).


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